Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Botox and Dermal Fillers

Should I get Botox or dermal fillers?

Most people think about only getting one or the other. Of course, it varies from person to person, but more often than not, it’s best for most people to get both Botox and dermal fillers. At Renew Medical Spa & Wellness, we’re a medical spa and wellness center with employees who are dedicated to your health and well-being. We take pride in our expertise in aesthetics, so we’ll provide you with treatments that can help bring excitement and renewal into your life. In this blog, we’re going to explain why it’s a good idea to get both Botox and dermal fillers for the lines and wrinkles on your face.


What does Botox do?

Botox is used to cosmetically remove wrinkles and medically treat certain particular muscle conditions by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. After it’s injected under the skin’s surface, it goes after muscles that create unwanted wrinkles and creases, which results in smoother and younger looking skin. The areas of the face that Botox targets include forehead lines, eyebrow wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more. At Renew Medical Spa & Wellness, we’ll customize the treatment to give you the best results.


What about dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are similar to Botox, meaning they soften facial creases and wrinkles and correct other cosmetic concerns, but they target different areas of the face. Those areas are: the chin, cheeks, and areas around your nose, mouth, and lips. As one of the most effective cosmetic enhancements today, dermal fillers will improve the appearance of scars, restore youthful facial volume, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Why is it a good idea to get both?

You may have noticed a pattern here. When we explained about Botox, we told you that it mainly removes wrinkles and lines from the upper half of the face. And when we explained about dermal fillers, we said that it primarily targets areas on the lower half of the face. If you get both Botox and dermal fillers, you can target most of the areas of your face. This is why we believe that it’s usually best for people to get both.


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