Frequently Asked Questions About the CoolSculpting Procedure

Considering scheduling an appointment for a CoolSculpting treatment in Philadelphia, PA, or another local area? Congratulations! You’ve made the first step towards a more confident and beautiful you for the summer. You probably have a lot of questions – take a look at some of the most common ones we receive about the CoolSculpting procedure, and feel free to contact us with any other concerns you have.

Does it actually work?
Yes! CoolSculpting works by targeting fat cells lying beneath the skin, and uses cold temperature to trigger adipocyte apoptosis, or fat cell death. Over the next few weeks, the fat cells are then removed by the immune system, leaving you with an improved appearance in the affected areas. Plus, because the procedure is relatively noninvasive, it has little to no downtime following completion.

Does it hurt?
Pain is very unusual in recipients of CoolSculpting in Philadelphia; though some patients report a feeling that ranges from “tingling” to minor discomfort during the first fifteen minutes of the procedure, this usually subsides very quickly. Since there is no anesthetic or needles involved, it is also much less uncomfortable than more invasive fat-control procedures like liposuction.

Where can I get CoolSculpting treatment on my body?
CoolSculpting is most effective around the arms, all parts of the thighs, the flank, and around the stomach and belly area.

Can’t I just diet and exercise to look better?
While a healthy lifestyle should certainly be combined with the CoolSculpting procedure, CoolSculpting treatments offer the benefit of targeted fat control. When you lose weight, it is unfortunately impossible to target specific areas to get rid of fat cells – many dieters report that the first place they lose fat is in their bust area! With CoolSculpting, we can target fat cells on specific problem areas, like the thighs or tummy, which may be resistant to traditional methods of weight control.

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