How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Water. You may think of it as one of the blandest and most boring drinks out there, but here at Renew Medical Spa and Wellness, we think of it as one of the healthiest drinks out there. You see, it’s all about perspective. And it may not seem like it, but water is actually an acquired taste. The more you drink it, the more you’ll learn to love it, and pretty soon other sugary drinks will just start to taste too sweet. But did you know that drinking more water can help you lose weight?

Okay, that may be obvious, but drinking water provides so many benefits for your body and mind. We’re all about health here at Renew Medical Spa and Wellness, which is why we did some research regarding water and losing weight. Here’s how drinking more water can help you lose weight:

  • Helps you burn more calories – Before you start your next workout, drink some water. This will not only keep you hydrated but also help you burn more calories. Studies have shown that drinking at least 0.5 liters (17 oz.) of water can increase the number of calories burned within an hour. Also, if the water is cold, you might burn even more because your body burns calories to keep itself warm.
  • Reduces your appetite – This doesn’t mean that by drinking a gallon of water you can skip your dinner, but it’s true that drinking water can make you feel fuller, causing you to eat a smaller amount at mealtime. And we all know that decreasing your calorie intake can help you lose weight. Water reducing appetite is especially true for middle-aged and older men and women.
  • Boosts your energy – By drinking more water, you’ll start to notice that you feel less tired. And instead of saying, “I think I’ll skip the gym tonight.” You’ll be saying, “Time to go work out!” You can thank water for that boost in energy.


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