CoolSculpting Tips: After the Procedure

So, you’re thinking about getting the CoolSculpting procedure done, but you’re not sure how you’re going to feel after the treatment. That’s often why people decide to skip the treatment in the first place and do nothing about their different areas of stubborn fat. At Renew Medical Spa and Wellness, we’ll give you the information you need so that you’re comfortable with getting the procedure, and so you know what to do after the treatment is all said and done. We offer CoolSculpting to people throughout Philadelphia, PA, as well as the surrounding areas. Here are some CoolSculpting tips that will help you after the procedure:


  • Pay attention to your body and take care of it – Although pain is very unusual for people who have received the CoolSculpting procedure, it is possible that you may experience some mild discomfort afterward, ranging from swelling to itching. If you become concerned for any reason, you can contact us to report any problems you’re having and receive the relief you need.


  • Be patient and take photos – This might sound like odd advice, but the CoolSculpting treatment works slowly, so slowly in fact, that you might not even notice how well it’s working. Our advice is to be patient for the next couple of weeks to the next few months and take regular pictures of the area to track your progress. This way, you can compare them and visualize the changes more easily.


  • Remember that long-term results depend on you – Although CoolSculpting will help reduce the unwanted areas of stubborn fat on your body, it’s ultimately up to you to lose weight and receive the long-term results you’re looking for. This means you should try to find a regular exercise routine and eat healthy foods.


With these CoolSculpting tips, you can make sure your experience is as positive as it can possibly be. Here at Renew Medical Spa and Wellness, our team of experts offers this procedure not only to reduce the areas of excess fat but also to give you the confidence boost you deserve. To learn more about our CoolSculpting treatment, offered to the people of the greater Philadelphia area, contact us at 1-844-736-3932.