CoolSculpting Helps You Shed Those Last Few Fat Cells

Nearly everyone knows that losing weight takes diet and exercise; however, for some people, there is some stubborn fat that just won’t go away even near the end of your weight-loss journey. Many women who have lost weight through diet and exercise find that they have a tendency to plateau, seeming to hang onto their last few pounds no matter what they do. When it comes down to stubborn fat, an aesthetics spa serving Philadelphia, PA, and the neighboring communities, can use CoolSculpting to help get rid of the last bit of stubborn fat left after you’ve lost weight naturally. Here at Renew Medical Spa & Wellness, we can be that aesthetics spa for you.

Even if you’re fit and in-shape, the CoolSculpting process can be useful for ridding yourself of fat which has collected in areas that are unreceptive to traditional weight-loss methods. This is what happened with Cristina Goyanes, an Elle Magazine reporter who underwent CoolSculpting to help her deal with stubborn fat on her thighs. Goyanes is a thin athlete whose hobbies include triathlons and long-distance bicycling. As an extreme athlete, her body is fit and toned; over the course of her training for a 100-mile bike race, she had dropped three dress sizes and a number of pounds. However, she still had some unwanted pounds on her thighs that were determined to stick around, no matter how much she exercised or dieted. Distressed, Goyanes turned to CoolSculpting, which she had done on her thighs and buttocks area. In her article for Elle Magazine titled ” Why I Froze the Fat Off My Thighs,” Goyanes explains why she found CoolSculpting to be the right choice for her; it was non-invasive, painless, and left her feeling more more free to wear rompers and dresses in the summer.

Medical aesthetic spas in Philadelphia like Renew Medical Spa & Wellness specialize in getting you the scientifically backed help you need to look and feel your best. If you are interested in learning more about how CoolSculpting can help with stubborn fat cells, please call Renew VIP today at 844-736-3932 for more information and a free consultation.