How Is CoolSculpting Better Than Other Body Fat Control Methods?

Now that summer is in full swing, most of us wish we looked a little bit better in a bathing suit. Excess body fat can take a serious toll on our self-esteem, and it can even make you want to skip your annual trip to the beach or cover up with a towel. But now, there’s a quick solution that can help you take back your confidence without painful surgery or risky anesthesia – CoolSculpting!  CoolSculpting is a safe and targeted process that can bring a smile to your face when you step onto the beach or look into the mirror. But what makes the CoolSculpting procedure in Philadelphia superior to other body fat control methods? The CoolSculpting procedure is unique because:


  • CoolSculpting is targeted. One of the most frustrating parts of traditional diet and exercise is that it’s impossible to lose weight from specific parts of your body. No matter how many crunches you do, you may be genetically predisposed to lose weight from your chest first! With CoolSculpting in Philadelphia, you can choose specific areas to target stubborn fat cells, like the lower abdomen or double chin area.


  • CoolSculpting doesn’t require anesthesia. CoolSculpting is the perfect body fat control method for those with a fear of needles or surgery because it doesn’t require any anesthesia. “Going under” during traditional cosmetic surgery can be risky as well as scary – but with CoolSculpting, you’ll be awake for the entirety of the procedure.


  • CoolSculpting removes fat cells. With traditional weight loss methods, many dieters find themselves gaining weight back after reaching their ideal bodies. This is because fat cells are stubborn- when we lose weight through diet, fat cells “empty” themselves but do not fully go away. CoolSculpting uses temperature to cause fat cell death without damaging surrounding tissues; fat cells will be carried away, and you’ll be left with a more-toned body.


What are you waiting for? Start scheduling time for a better summer bod today! With CoolSculpting, you can receive the help you need to tone your figure and boost your confidence. To learn more about our CoolSculpting procedure, contact us at 1-844-736-3932.